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The pen is mightier than the sword…and considerably less heavy

Welcome to word_expression

In this lifetime you will use many ways to express yourself, and one of the most obvious ways is by using words.
In this community you’ll find quotes depicting many different situations, feelings, and thoughts.
Feel free to post your own, and take some for yourself!

Are you an author? A poet? Do you love quotes? You belong here at word_expression!


There are just a few rules in this community, and they are easy, so please follow them.

♥ Please be polite to the other members, I think this goes without saying. If however any problems arise, there is a no tolerance policy, sorry to be a bitch, but it isn’t needed here. Take it somewhere else.
♥ No spamming, if you have an advertisement for another quote community, that will be accepted, but otherwise no. This is a quotes community. Please respect that
♥ If you have a rather large post, please be considerate to friends pages and use an lj cut. <*lj-cut*> the quotes …just take out the stars =)
♥ When posting please follow the following: Give credit where credit is due, (for example- “The best kind of love is kind that awakens the soul”- The Notebook) if you don’t know where it came from/who said it the put unknown. If you wrote it, give yourself some credit, its not easy writing good quotes sometimes! =)
♥ When you take a quote please comment, its not that anyone is saying they said the quotes, or that you need to give them credit, its simply that most people like to know if the quotes they posted were liked or not.
♥ Most importantly have fun, and hopefully you’ll find something you like!

Quotes that are accepted

This is a pretty open community, so feel free to post quotes on any of the following:

♥ Love
♥ Life
♥ Friendship
♥ Sad quotes
♥ Happy quotes
♥ Poems
♥ and lots more…I know there’s a lot more so have fun with it =)


Please keep these out:

-Quotes that are derogatory towards any race/gender/creed/and so on.
-Quotes with severely bad language. (a few curses - fine, but when it comes to the point where there are more swear words than anything else I draw the line. Please keep it to a minimum)
-Quotes of sexual acts, and/or pornographic material (this is a quote community, there are ones out there for erotic material, please keep it out of here)

Your mod is xgravitygurl77x
She has an odd obsession with quotes, and romantic things, is owned by 2 horses and a dog, likes lj friends: so just comment on her private journal, is hopelessly in love with her boyfriend, is severely random, and plans on taking over the world someday. I know she sounds weird. But she likes that fact. =)

Have fun!